The Body (El cuerpo) (2012) - Psyhological Thrillers

The Body (El cuerpo)

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Death Is Not Always the End

Inspector Jaime Peña (Jose Coronado) gets an emergency call regarding new case. From the morgue was disappeared the body of Mayka Villaverde (Belen Rueda), who died few hours ago of heart attack. Mayka Villaverde was a powerful woman who possessed pharmaceutical laboratory “Farmatec” and a few more successful companies. Some of her activities was shared with her sisters Luna and Gloria while her husband Álex Ulloa (Hugo Silva) is director of “Farmateca.”

Álex will be called to assist in the investigation about missing body of his wife. Each new detail that will be revealed, strongly indicate on involvement of Álex and he will soon become the prime suspect for the disappearance of body and murder of Mayka. Álex Ulloa slowly begins to realize that is in a game in which he plays a major role…

The film is directed by Oriol Paulo, who wrote screenplay for Julia’s eyes in which was also acted Belen Rueda. The Body has very good plot and main actors are well selected with solid performance of the entire cast. Rainy night and the morgue, where the main plot takes place are just some of the things that make up the atmosphere tense and uncertain. With small holes in the script that do not affect the final rating, this Hitchcock-style psychological thriller is very good achievement by Spanish cinema.

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