Julia's Eyes (Los ojos de Julia) (2010) - Psyhological Thrillers

Julia’s Eyes (Los ojos de Julia)

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You can’t hide in the dark.

Julia (Belen Rueda) and her sister Sara suffering from a degenerative disease that causes progressive loss of sight. Any stressful situation only worsens their current condition. After an attack that happened at work, Julia felt that something is wrong with Sarah, who she’s not seen 6 months. After she and her husband Isaac (Lluis Homar) found Sara hanged in the basement, Julia begins to investigate what happened. Although police concluded that it was a suicide, Julia did not want to believe in that. Loss of power and music turned on, were just some of the details that did not fit in the story of the suicide. Over neighbor, center for the blind Baumann and motel Bellavista, Julia learns details of Sara’s life before her mysterious death. As it becomes more and more convinced that Sarah was not alone in the house for the time of death, strange things begins to happen. Becomes surrounded with death and exposed to stress, which in every moment leads her to total blindness…


Julia’s Eyes have a great start, the first part of the movie is great, but what follows can be labeled as average. At the beginning screenplay makes the film mysterious and unpredictable, leaving viewer in suspense and putting him in a position that predicts what will happen. In the second part becomes a psychological thriller that emphasizes the sense of despair, hopelessness and helplessness through which Julia passes, during the loss of his sight. She becomes an object of psychological game where the antagonist is trying to utilize the victim using the strongest weapon, “the victim’s fear”. Dark atmosphere, unfamiliar environment and constant feeling of fear are just some of the elements that dominate in the second part of the film.

The biggest impression leaves Belen Rueda who is masterfully played a leading role. During entire duration of film her performance is at a high level, natural and authentic.

Screenplay is good although in some parts of the film got a few inconsistencies. Music follows the plot of the film very well, while director tried to show every important detail of this thriller.

 It must be noted that director is Guillem Morales and producer Guillermo del Toro, what gives this film special weight.

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