The Hidden Face (La cara oculta) (2011) - Psyhological Thrillers

The Hidden Face (La cara oculta)

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The story takes place in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Adrián (Quim Gutiérrez) is a young and successful artist who is as selected candidate comes from Spain to be the conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota.

One night coming home and findings a video message from his girlfriend Belen (Clara Lago) in which says that leaves him. Not believing what is happening to him, he goes to relieve his sorrows in alcohol. After a bottle of whiskey and conflicts outside cafe, a waitress Fabiana (Martina García) are offered to drive him home. That night between the two of them starts romance. Fabiana slowly enters into Adrian’s world, visits the Philharmonic where he works and decides to live with him. Adrián during that time cannot come into contact with Belén and police declares that Belen is missing. Along the way in the house begins to happen strange things, electricity disappears when the weather is bad, in the bathroom are weird sounds, water is a restless and during showering suddenly becomes hot… Fabiana becomes aware of the existence of something, are the ghosts or Adrián hiding something from her?


The course of events and images are generally solid while the tension and terror are presented credibly. There is nothing in the film what could not happen in real life. Emotions are very strong and intermixed as it should be. Roles are rapidly changing its character, replacing good and evil. When you think you have made a judgment about some part of the story, something happens that immediately change the course of your thought. Rhythm going from slow to fast, and the longer you watch the movie, the more will you attract attention. Through most of the scenes are questions that seek answers. What we are ready for love? How much is a thin line between good and evil? What we are all willing to do that selfishly preserve what we have?

All praise for this Colombian-Spanish thriller. It is not a masterpiece of cinema, but definitely if you’re a fan of thrillers this movie should not circumvent. Any recommendation!

One tip for the end, do not look trailer because it reveals too much details!

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