Unthinkable (2010) - Psyhological Thrillers


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How far would you go to make him talk?

Steven Arthur Younger (Michael Sheen) is an expert in explosives and placing bombs, specialized in the field of nuclear weapons. In his military career he was a member of Delta Force and checks the bombs during a war in Iraq. Now, when he converted to Islam and became Yusuf Mohamed Atta sends to the U.S. government film, which shows three nuclear bombs, located in three different locations. They will explode in less than a week if its demands are not met.

Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) is an FBI agent in L.A. and her task is to detect the location of bombs. Henry Harold Humphries (Samuel L. Jackson) better known as H, is the CIA “consultant” with task to investigate suspect. Since was a voluntary surrender, H assumed that the suspect know exactly how the investigation will look, which turned out to be true. Although H gradually increased the pressure, using torture, what was against the will of agent Brody, a suspect will remain unrelenting. Time is running out.

Whether H has to do unthinkable? Will agent Brody give consent for such methods? Is the law more important than the possible loss of lives?


When a movie has an excellent team, great acting and a good script, then has all the conditions to be a good. That’s exactly what adorns this movie. The story is simple, realistic and brutal. Represent situation that can happen any minute and therefore it is so efficient.

Agent Helen Brody in the film acts as an average citizen who believes in human rights and the fact that everything can be solved in accordance with the law. As the case progresses she will understand that the practice and theory are two different opposites. Henry Harold ‘H’ Humphries is the total opposite of Helen. He has experience in such situations, knows what awaits him and is ready for all to reach the goal. The task is clear, it is necessary for the shortest possible time to obtain the exact location of the bombs from suspect. How far is ready to go? How to check the accuracy of the information obtained? Who is good and who is evil? These are just some of questions that are asked during the psychological game between two great actors Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Sheen.

This movie also gives us an important issue. How far are we willing to go, to save millions of people?

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