The Samaritan (2012) - Psyhological Thrillers

The Samaritan

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I once had a partner. I killed him.

Foley after 25 years comes out from prison. Grifter’s life has brought him to the fact that had no choice but to kill his own partner. Now after so many years in prison, everything has changed. Old friends are gone, the owner of the coffee shop has changed and it seems that nothing left of a past life, almost nothing. One night in apartment finds Ethan, the son of his former partner. Takes him out for a drink, shows his club and ask for details of his father’s death but, is that all or Ethan wants something more from him? Foley certainly discerns Ethan’s intentions and tries to stay away from him.

Meanwhile, in the Foley’s life quite unexpectedly enters a woman named Iris. She understands it completely, because she herself has a hard time. It seems that this could be a new beginning for Foley already lost life. But Ethan knows a secret, a secret that Foley will move away from Iris and return him to his grifter’s life. What Ethan knows? Will the shadow of the past come back as a boomerang?


“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done ,you’ll keep on being what you’ve always been, nothing changes unless you make it change, I know what it sounds like but every morning that I wake up I think about what that really means .Nothing Changes Unless You Make It Change.”

This quote is often pronounced in the film and serves as a reminder for the leading actor what to do in order to change his past life. Samuel L. Jackson as Foley in the film has an incredibly hard life, full of bad memories, which is constantly repeated. The best scenes are saved for Jackson and Negga which in essence have the roles of the two wounded animals who heal each other. Ruth Negga played his role perfectly with the already good actor Samuel L. Jackson.

The film is a true crime thriller with a lot of twist and surprising scenes. Screenplay of the film and music are at the expected level.

 The Samaritan is completely fulfilled expectations and all lovers of crime thrillers should see this movie.

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