The Entitled (2011) - Psyhological Thrillers

The Entitled

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“I am nothing special. Like everybody else, move aside, day after day, week after week, dreaming about it that one thing will fix all.”

Paul Dynan (Kevin Zegers) is just an ordinary guy. Has a problem as most of his peers, how to find a good job? When his sick mother gets foreclosure notice about closing house, he becomes desperate.

His plan is to kidnap three young people from rich families in exchange for 3 million. However, things more and more getting out of control because his unstable partners, begin to make some unpredictable things. When blood is shed and his plan fails, Paul will have to be one step ahead of his twisted game in order to save his family…


This is the kind of film where you do not expect much. At first it seems like one of those films who will be the next day forgotten. In this regard, The Entitled is a real surprise for the viewer. It contains several unexpected and above all good scenes.

What man is able to do when it comes to the edge? How much is really needed to do something unexpected?

In role of Paul can be found everyone and that is what give this film unique charm. Acting is quite average and has plenty of room for improvement. Kevin Zegers is, however, very well acted character of Paul, a young but quite mature man who fully understands the situation in which he found himself. Scenario is good and it may be said more than enough for this kind of film, although they appear small inconsistencies.

The Entitled will be good for those who love movies about kidnappings. It can be an excellent choice for one night but definitely do not expect much from this film.

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