Sinister (2012) - Psyhological Thrillers


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Once you see him, nothing can save you.

Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) is a writer of crime novels. How it went more than 10 years since his best-selling novel “The Kentucky Blood”, he decided to write a book that will overshadow all previous. In search for a good story he moved with his family, wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance) and two small children, in a house where a terrible crime took place but he did not say anything them about it. Shortly after moving in the attic finds a box with a super-8 films. On the tapes is murder of a family that had previously lived in the house and the murders of other four families on different locations where the oldest dating back to the sixties. The only link between the killings of complete families is symbol that is found on all shots and mysterious disappearance of one child from each family. Over time how will be reveal more details about murders, his obsession with cases which investigates and book that need to write will become greater and greater. The whole plan slowly slipping from his hand, the marriage begins to deteriorate, the kids are behaving increasingly weirder and every day he gets more and more frustrated. What does affect his family? Is this all too much for him? Things can always be worse. Will they survive?


Sinister is disturbing and brutal film. Incorporates elements of thriller, horror, mystery and represents one of the rare creepy films which appeared recently. For that are most responsible director, well-designed main role and excellent music. Director Scott Derrickson has managed to create an extremely tense atmosphere that slowly escalates throughout the film. In addition, the important thing that distinguishes this psychological thriller from the others is the main role. The role of the artist who will do anything to elevate his career, which is in decline is so convincing that any omission in the scenario or in acting be forgotten if not and ignored from bigger part of the audience.

Along these two things a biggest positive impression leaves creepy background music that was put to the forefront in order to enhance the level of the atmosphere. Definitely not the same if you are watching this thriller with music and without it.

All actors are at good level, particularly Michael Hall D’Addario in the role of Trevor that had a few great scenes.

One note: do not look trailer because shown some of the most important scenes for watching this movie.

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