Marnie (1964) - Psychological Thrillers


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Would his touch end Marnie’s unnatural fears or start them again?

In her own words, the beautiful Marnie Edgar is a cheat, a liar and a thief. Her M.O.: using one of a number of aliases each with a distinct social security number and a different look (generally entailing a different hair color and style), she gets an accounting type job at an office which will allow her access to the office safe, steals the money in the safe, then disappears without a trace. Much of that money goes to her Baltimore port area residing mother, Bernice Edgar, who doesn’t ask from where the money comes and who seems to have an uneasy relationship with her daughter. The latest scam on which Marnie embarks, using the alias Mary Taylor, a widow, is at Philadelphia based Rutland & Co. What Marnie is unaware of is that company president Mark Rutland, a recent widower, who saw Marnie when she came in for her interview, suggested that she be hired despite she not being the most qualified candidate, solely because he recognized her as the beautiful Marion Holland, the former clerk at Strutt & Co. – a client of Rutland – who was hired there solely for her good looks, and who reportedly stole $10,000 from its office safe. Marnie does not recognize Mark. Mark wants to find out her story. He begins to do so after she manages to steal money out of the Rutland office safe. Mark did some research on her and she, who is between a rock and a hard place concerning this most recent theft, eventually fills in the rest of the details concerning her criminal activities. However, Mark doesn’t send her to prison, but rather has a proposition for her which she can’t refuse. This agreement with Mark ends up being her own kind of prison, from which she tries to escape. While Mark tries to understand why Marnie is the way that she is, which includes seemingly morbid fears of thunderstorms, saturated instances of the color red, and being touched by men, Mark’s sister-in-law, Lil Mainwaring, who seems to have aspirations to be the next Mrs. Mark Rutland, tries to find out what Marnie and Mark are hiding. If Lil is successful, Marnie’s past could catch up with her and Mark and their arrangement.

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