Tana French - In the Woods (2007) - Psychological Thrillers

In the Woods

0143113496 (ISBN13: 9780143113492)
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You have twelve years. Summer vacation is. You’re playing in the woods with two best friends. Something happens, something terrible. The other two children were missing.

Twenty years later, Robert Ryan is the only child who has returned. Now is a detective in the Dublin Police. He changed the name. No one knows anything about his past. Even he doesn’t remember what happened that day.

When the girl’s body was found on the same tragic place, Rob is forced to return to a place of mystery. For him and his partner Cassie each trace is ambiguous and an ominous. Family of the victim leaves the impression that it is not completely honest regarding the case. With each new trace, memories of Rob’s past slowly rise to the surface and lead him unerringly back into the woods.

Tana French’s novel is a remarkable psychological thriller that explores the darkness beneath the surface of ordinary life and after reading leads to long thinking about the case but, and about the fate of the characters. The tense atmosphere and strong characterization will take the reader on a journey through the harsh tangled web of evil.