We Are What We Are (2013) - Psyhological Thrillers

We Are What We Are

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Blood is the strongest bond.

The Parker family is fasting following and old family tradition. When the matriarch, Emma Parker, goes to a hardware store in the nearby small town during a rainstorm, she does not feel well, has an accident and dies. Her husband Frank Parker, who is the owner of a trailer camping area, grieves her death and forces her older daughter Iris to assume the responsibility for keeping the family tradition, feeding them and nursing her teenage daughter Rose and her young brother Rory. He also gives Emma’s journal to Rose with the history of their family to learn their traditions. Meanwhile Sheriff Meeks and Deputy Anders are investigating cases of missing persons in the skirts of the town. Doc Barrow, who lost one daughter that has disappeared, is carrying out Emma’s autopsy and finds an important discovery that will connect the missing cases with the Parker family. What is the tradition of the Parker family?

Claudio Carvalho, Imdb

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