Unknown (2011) - Psyhological Thrillers


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Take back your life.

Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) with his wife Elizabeth (January Jones) comes to Berlin in order to attend the summit of biotechnology. Soon after arrival at the hotel Adlon, Martin discovers that his briefcase is missing. While his wife checks into the hotel, Martin grabs a cab to go back to the airport, hoping to find the briefcase. During the trip to the airport he experienced a car accident which puts him in hospital. After four days Martin awakes from a coma without any identification and with impaired memory. Remembering only a day when happened accident, he goes to the hotel to find Elizabeth. There he discovers that his wife suddenly does not recognize his and that his identity took another man (Aidan Quinn).

With the help of a taxi driver (Diane Kruger) and a retired Stasi agent (Bruno Ganz), Martin will try to find out what really happened for four days while he was in a coma.

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