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The Maid’s Room

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How far will a family go to bury the truth?

An immigrant maid in the Hamptons harbors a secret that could destroy the wealthy family that employs her, only to realize that it also places her in mortal danger. When Drina (Paula Garcés) lands a seasonal job as a live-in maid at a posh summer home in the Hamptons, it seems too good to be true. Although the family typically only stays at the house on weekends, this summer their teenage son Brandon (Philip Ettinger) will be staying there as he prepares for his first semester at Princeton. Things turn tense, however, after Brandon returns home staggeringly drunk one night, and Drina notices the next morning that his car has been badly damaged. Convinced that Brandon is to blame for a fatal hit-and-run accident that she reads about in the newspaper, and knowing that his parents will do anything and everything to keep him out of trouble, the once humble maid experiences a rush of exhilaration knowing that for the first time in her life, she is the one who holds the power. That exhilaration turns to terror, however, when Drina discovers just how far her employers are willing to go in order to cover up their son’s crime.

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