The Good Doctor (2011) - Psyhological Thrillers

The Good Doctor

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Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) is young medical doctor who just started his internship at Southern California hospital. By nature ambitious, very arrogant and egocentric, he wants to impress the people around him, especially his mentor Dr. Waylans (Rob Morrow) and self-confident colleague Dan (Troy Garity). Martin initially not fit the best and has a lot of problems in the treatment of patients. His desire to establish itself as an authority brings him new problems with the staff employed in the hospital because he believes that they does not respect him how much he deserve. Because of the problems with which is faced, he is under supervision by superiors what only increases his insecurity.

Everything begins to change when for patient receives 18-year-old Diane Nixon (Riley Keough) who suffering from a kidney infection. With Diane, Martin gradually acquires the necessary confidence and certainty in decision making. When her health started to improving, Martin in fear that will lose her, begins to change therapy, keeping Diane sick and in the hospital under his control…

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