The Ghost Writer

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I write, they take the credit…

The Ghost (Ewan McGregor) through its agent Rick Ricardelli (Jon Bernthal) receives a unique opportunity to redact the memoirs of Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), former United Kingdom prime minister who are after his political career retired to the United States. Shortly after accepting a job The Ghost discovers that Lang is accused of committing a war crime abuse of prisoners by a former British minister. Unaccustomed to working in a new environment full of journalists and protesters, The Ghost comes to the hint that his predecessor died under mysterious circumstances because he discovered the connection between Lang and the CIA. Searching further for evidence which he found, The Ghost soon learns that his life could be in danger if he discover too many details.

The Ghost Writer is tense, unsettling and deeply thrilling story who is a mixture of mystery and thriller where Roman Polanski in a masterly manner combines paranoia and danger. Excellent directing with perfect acting of Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan make this adaptation of novel by Robert Harris real pleasurable to watch. Special recommendation for fans of political thrillers.

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