Sleep Tight (Mientras duermes) (2011) - Psyhological Thrillers

Sleep Tight (Mientras duermes)

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That is precisely my problem. I cannot be happy. I never was. I think I was born without that ability. Like when you born blind or deaf. But it is worse … You cannot imagine how it is to wake up every morning without a motive. I have to make an effort not to let it all go to hell. The only thing that helps me is that others are unhappy. And believe me, I do my best. Indeed, everything.

This is the life story of Cesar (Luis Tosar) the main character of this film, a janitor and doorman in a building. He wakes up every morning with a dilemma, whether to jump off a building and commit suicide or move on.  Always make a decision to continue, with the hope that will find happiness. Happiness for him means that the people with which has contact, unhappier than him. That’s the only way, the only thing that keeps him in life and really makes happy.

Clara (Marta Etura) is a young girl, who is in love, cheerful, happy and it seems that nothing can spoil her mood. Almost nothing. How César as a janitor has the keys of all the apartments in the building, every night before Clara go back, he will hide himself under her bed, waiting her to fall asleep and then will narcotize her using the liquid. He will sleep with her until the morning when will seek new ways how to make her unfortunate. Without success. What César needs to do, which will make Clara unhappy?


If you are looking for an original story that is based on a deep psychological level then look no further.

Mientras Duermes is a very good psychological thriller with an excellent actor Luis Tosar in a leading role. Luis play a man who does not have his life and happiness, but can only rely on people in his environment. He does not want to destroy the people around him just psychologically but completely, mentally and emotionally.

The atmosphere and acting in this film are excellent. Most private parts of one’s life, such as bedroom, bathroom and even own bodies are exposed, destroyed and used without the knowledge of the victim, which is incredibly unpleasant experience for the viewer, who has the role of voyeur.

The entire course of the film has a great pace and keeps the viewer’s attention to the bitter end that will not leave anyone indifferent. Is Cesar succeeded?

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