Deep Inside (Isolados) (2014) - Psyhological Thrillers

Deep Inside (Isolados)

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The psychiatric Lauro travels with his estranged and unbalanced girlfriend Renata to a remote house surrounded by the woods. They stop in a bar and the owner advises that there are criminals in the area slaughtering women and raping their bodies but Lauro does not disclose the information to Renata. When they arrive at the house, the housekeeper Luzia tells that she was not expecting them because of the news about the murders. Then Lauro hears the news on the radio and becomes worried about the safety of Renata. The stubborn Renata decides to sneak out of the house to walk alone and Lauro seeks her out in the woods. He sees Renata being attacked by a strange but someone hits on his head and Lauro faints. When he awakes, his discovers that Renata is still alive and he brings her to the house. But Renata is wounded and Lauro stays awake to protect her. Will they be safe inside the isolated house?

Claudio Carvalho, Imdb

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