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Point Blank (A bout portant)

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Samuel Pierret (Gilles Lellouche) is a male nurse who will soon become a medic. His wife Nadia (Elena Anaya) for month and a half should give birth. One night when he managed to save a patient’s life (Roschdy Zem), his nightmare begins. Nadia are abducted and soon will be dead, if Samuel, until the noon not get away from the hospital with patient whom he had saved.

The police are divided into two groups. One, led by detective Patrick Werner (Gérard Lanvin) which investigating the murder of millionaire Francis Meyer and the other under the leadership of Detective Catherine Fabre (Mireille Perrier), which is in charge of the case that occurred in the hospital. Although they lead two different cases, one investigation will quickly lead to other. That the whole thing be even worse, two groups between themselves have plenty of internal problems. Soon after Samuel get out with patient from hospital, they will begin a race through the underground subways and streets of Paris while the number of victims continues to grow.

In what kind of game is Samuel? Will it be able to avoid cops and the criminal underground in order to save his beloved wife?


A bout portant is a very good French thriller. An exciting course of whole 84 minutes, as long as it lasts. This is a wonderfully directed film with a lot of rhythm, action and twists. Scenario has no major flaws while the music follows the theme of the movie perfectly. The actors are fantastic, especially Gilles Lellouche and Roschdy Zem. Gilles Lellouche plays the common man, not a tough guy or someone who is at the moment ready to be hero. In most situations is totally confused, and he just cannot believe that all of this happening to him. Simply, Gilles Lellouche is totally convincing in this role. While on the other hand Roschdy Zem plays the bad guy whom nothing can surprise and in this role is excellent in every situation.

This film fully justifies name and reputation that has Fred Cavayé. A bout portant is a good action thriller that should not be missed.

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