7th Floor (Séptimo) (2013) - Psyhological Thrillers

7th Floor (Séptimo)

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One building. Two missing children. One desperate father.

The marriage of Argentinian lawyer Sebastian (Darin) to Spanish Delia (an often unflatteringly-lit Rueda) is falling apart after an affair he’s had. Picking the kids up one morning for school, Sebastian succumbs to their wish to run down the stairs, after which they disappear. Picking the kids up one morning for school, Sebastián (Darín) concedes to play a game with them: a race from the 7th floor to the ground floor of their apartment building – he will take the elevator, while they take the stairs. But when he arrives at the bottom, the children are nowhere to be found. Desperate to find them, Sebastián instigates his own investigation…and everyone is a suspect. But after exhausting his avenues within the building and finally enlisting police, a chilling ransom call is delivered and a frantic race against time follows.


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