Mo Hayder - The Treatment (2001) - Psychological Thrillers

The Treatment

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If you believe that God is the master of your destiny, then read no further. Get the best painkillers and arrange a place in the sanatorium.

On a hot summer day in a quiet residential street in south London, a husband and wife were discovered as prisoners in their own home. Difficult dehydrated, tied up and tortured, were rescued at the last moment. But the nightmare still wasn’t over for them. Their child is missing. Detective Inspector Jack Caffery was called to investigate the case, but the similarities with the events of his past prevent him to remain objective. While Jack finds scant clues on scene of the crime and attempts to more deeply penetrate in the methodical mind of the unknown and frightening villain, he is not sure that can save his life in the light of the most terrible discoveries. Then begins a nightmare…

The Treatment is a novel that will touch your darkest fears. Ahead of us is a masterful blend of psychological analysis and forensic details that the readers at the same time familiarize with naked truth and emotionally hit. The writer slowly retracts the reader into the sick mind of a psychopath portraying his plan, preparations, gruesome procedure and mess that after crime leaves behind. Somewhere, in the world, such things happen, somewhere, monsters in human form do exist.