John Fowles - The Magus (1965) - Psychological Thrillers

The Magus

0316296198 (ISBN13: 9780316296199)
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Finally a man avoid a final joke only when they become a victim, a joke is actually in it that man discover how constant running away at end run away from life. It is not exists, it is not free.

Young graduate of Oxford and ambitious poet Nicholas Urfe shortly after graduation decides to leave England because for him life in England is boring and uninteresting. Accepts to be teacher of English in Lord Byron School on the Greek island Phraxos. However, the move does not bring him joy, Nicholas struggles with loneliness and thinking about suicide. Walking down the island finds a lonely farm and its owner Maurice Conchis and they begin to develop a sort of friendship. Conchis gradually draws Nicholas into a psychological game that leads to a series of nightmares experience. How are reality and the imagination combined into a mosaic composed of death, erotic encounters and terrifying violence, Urfe becomes a desperate in fight to maintain sanity and his life.

I think we’re all mad here…


Full of surprising turnaround, The Magus is a masterpiece of modern literature. Fauls leads you with the extraordinary skills through the maze of the Greek island on which the action occurs as well as through the incredibly intricate labyrinths of the hero’s psyche. You become part of the show, part of the resourceful director, part of the charming liar… and just enjoy the game.

This book should be read without asking around and reading reviews. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed and totally surprised. That it is the only and true way to maximum enjoy in this book to the very end.