James Patterson, David Ellis - Guilty Wives (2012) - Psychological Thrillers

Guilty Wives

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Without a husbands on vacation…

Only a few minutes after they left the private helicopter, Abbie Elliot and her three friends arrive in unimaginably luxurious and magnificent Metropol hotel in Monte Carlo. They are staying in the presidential suite with a magnificent view of Monte Carlo and left to sunbathing, swimming in the pool, sashimi and sake, all that with a bottle of Bruno Paillard champagne. Four days of vacation they want to live other people’s lives. The weekend of wild good fun at discos and gambling per casinos, Abbie has experienced the release that could only dream of.

Sharp morning sun will wake up Abbie on a yacht besieged with police. Something terrible happened – something unthinkable, utterly impossible. Abbie, Winnie, Serena, and Bryah are arrested and blamed for a terrible crime. Fun from dreams turns into a nightmare – in the fight for survival.

What happened last night…


Guilty Wives is a book that will cause your ultimate satisfaction, outing in profligate intemperance, friendship, betrayal and danger what only can create James Patterson.

Convincingly described cruel life in prison, the struggle of confused women with a new terrifying fate and mystery are just some of the elements that adorn this book. The character of the heroine Abi shows resolute persistence where does give up from their innocence even though everyone has betrayed and abandoned. Passes through the suffering psychological and physical abuse just to recognize a crime she did not commit.

Reading this book, ask yourself how would you act in this situation. How long endure torture over you? Would you confess a crime for which you are sure that you did not commit …

Paterson is getting better and better and just makes you wonder where it finds ideas for his books. His books are read in one breath, where you don’t want to separate from the book until you’re done reading. This book is not a truly psychological thriller, but there are a lot of psychological elements with which are faced protagonist. For true fans of thrillers, mystery, and drama, this book is perfect because it is real and very cruel.