Sandra Brown - Envy (2001) - Psychological Thrillers


0446527130 (ISBN13: 9780803719040)
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Maris Matherly Reed is a prominent New York’s literary editor, the publisher’s daughter and wife of bestselling author Noah Reed. Maris has just received an interesting preface of the manuscript which is sent a writer who identified himself as P. M. E., and for the return address is listed a small island off the coast of Georgia. The potential for creating a bestseller or perhaps something else, encourage Maris to look for him.

On spooky plantation of cotton, she finds Parker Evans, a man who is determined to hide his identity and his past. Working with him, chapter by chapter, Maris is fascinated by his story of two friends who are with a young woman rent a boat and went to party… on a trip from which returns only one person. As the story unfolds, Maris becomes more confident that this is not just a figment of the imagination. She’s upset, because it is Parker increasingly attracting and preoccupied with an unpleasant suspicion in the characters in his novel, she search for truth about the crimes committed decades ago. Soon falls into the shadow of the man who will take advantage of her or anyone to get what he wants…

Envy is a tense psychological thriller that explores the way in which love and hate are able to shape lives. Until unusual and surprising final, you will not be able to anticipate the solution of puzzle made up of fraud, murder, revenge and redemption.